This is the Way vinyl decal

This is the Way vinyl decal

The Mandalorian: Season 2 decal, complete with The Child and Mudhorn signet! Measures 11" x 5.5" and cut on permenant indor/outdoor vinyl.

  • Applying your decal

    1. Prep Your Surface
    Application surface should be clean, smooth, and dust-free. If necessary wipe down the area with a wet cloth to remove any dust, dirt or grime before applying the decal. Be sure the area is dry before moving on to step two.

    2. Remove The Transfer Tape
    Your decal will be covered with a layer of transfer tape and will be attached to the material backing. Remove the transfer tape and the decal carefully from the backing. Slowly peel the tape from the backing while making sure the decal doesn’t stick to the backing.

    3. Place the Decal
    Line the decal up on the desired surface. For precise application, measure and mark where you would like it before you place the decal. Begin pressing to desired surface at one edge of the decal until it lies flat. If you rush this step you might end up with air bubbles or wrinkles in the vinyl.

    4. Grab a Scraper or Credit Card
    Use a vinyl decal scraper or credit card to ensure the vinyl sticks securely to the surface. Firmly rub the vinyl starting from the middle and pressing outward. Make sure you go over the entire surface and watch for air bubbles.

    5. Remove the Transfer Tape
    Carefully and slowly start at one of the corners and slowly pull the tape off of your surface. Be careful not to lift up part of the vinyl design. If it sticks to the transfer tape, put the tape back on the surface and use the credit card again to ensure adhesion.This part is tricky if you have a more detailed design. The smaller the pieces of vinyl the harder it is to secure them to the surface of your choice. Take your time to ensure each part of the design is applied properly. Smooth any leftover bubbles with the scraper.

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